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Bull and bear, a sculpture in front of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Both animals have a lot to do with my approach as I try to earn money not only in bullish, but also in bearish markets.

My mission statement:
The ideal money-management uses closed-end funds and internet-brokers

I invest in the largest pool of liquid, undervalued assets in the world, with concepts that outperform other investments. Despite working independent from institutional investors I have contacts to other global players investing in CEFs. Arbitrage and strategies involving hedging are another part of my work.

You are looking for professional management of your financial assets? Thirty years of experience in managing international investments will add value and reduce risk in your portfolio.

I am a financial adviser who specializes in international closed-end funds (CEF). The purpose of this site is to educate investors about CEFs and to offer advisor services to structure private or institutional portfolios.
Portfolio- or fund-management services may be available on individual demand.



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ICEFIC Proposal of an Internet based Investment-Club (in preparation)


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